Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Classroom News

We are picking up the pace in Kindergarten! There has been so much excitement in our classroom these past two weeks- here are some highlights:


We just wrapped up our first unit in math, focusing on numbers 1-5 in depth, as well as the concept of same and different. We have been working hard to spot differences, and explain WHY something is different. We have practiced this in various forms, by comparing objects, people, and pictures. We truly understand a concept when we can explain why, and these Kindergarten friends have become experts at spotting AND explaining differences! We worked in partners in the photos below to build towers that matched, and identify why they were the same, as well as towers that were different, and identified why they were different.

During Jolly Phonics time, we are now doing the two letter blends, and are only adding new sounds on the first two days of each week. The third day of the week will be used for Jolly Phonics review, and the extra time on Thursdays and Fridays will be dedicated to additional Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop time. I also added a set of Jolly Phonics cards on a ring to your child's blue book bag for additional review at home! Don't forget to utilize these tools pictured below for practice at home. Review of Jolly Phonics sounds, sight word cards, and reading sight words in our sight word poems and sight word books will build your child's confidence as a reader. 

Now that we have so many sounds added to our command of letters and sounds, we are able to communicate our ideas in writing much more effectively. Each time we write, we follow the four step process of Think, Draw, Label, and Write. 

We enjoyed having Mrs. Goldstein, one of our technology teachers, join us to practice logging into Seesaw and creating a drawing of our family. These types of lessons help our students build familiarity and independence with the app.

All of our kindergarten friends were looking adorable for picture day! Thanks to the picture day volunteers for helping us look our best!

During LMC, we have been learning how to use the Pebble Go website to learn about various topics. We go step by step through the process, from plugging in our headphones, to locating and opening the browser, navigating to the LMC page, and listening to Pebble Go read to us about the chosen topic. Our kindergarten friends are building skills that will help them as they learn to do research!

We loved learning more about our friend, Annie! She shared with us a picture of her family, as well as dance shoes from Irish step dancing, ballet, and tap! We also saw her favorite art supplies, because she loves doing art, as well as lip gloss, since she loves to wear makeup.

Annie's dad joined us to read the book, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. We loved this silly story!

Arie's mom surprised us and read us two books with great messages! Swimmy and A Bad Case of the Stripes. Arie was so tickled to see her when she least expected it!

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