Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Hello, Summer! Hello, First Grade!

What a fantastic Field Day we had last Friday! I loved the enthusiasm and teamwork I saw from the students on this day. I was also surprised by the aim and power these kindergarten friends have in their throwing arms! Wow! It was a beautiful day filled with fun, quality time with our friends and parent volunteers, and popsicles 😊 Special thanks to our class leaders, Mr. Funk and Mr. Teich for leading our groups to the various games and keeping us all safe!

We had a blast with our end of the year personalized learning project, where we worked together in groups to design a play space and carry out our plans as a group. We enjoyed creating and playing in an art studio, preschool classroom, grocery store, and pet shop!

Our fifth grade buddies visited us to hear the non fiction books we wrote after doing our animal research. We were so proud to share our hard work with these caring and encouraging fifth graders!

We also loved visiting the first graders in Mrs. Johnson's room, and finding out about all of the amazing things to look forward to in first grade!

And now we are officially first graders! I will miss this class dearly. I am so excited for all they will learn next year, and to see them spread their wings and make new friends! They are ready for this next challenge. As we read our last book of the year together, Mrs. Spitzer's Garden by Edith Pattou, I was reminded of how they've blossomed into all different kinds of flowers. May they all continue to grow and bloom!! Enjoy your summer together, and best wishes in first grade!

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