Monday, September 24, 2018

Classroom News

We are picking up the pace in Kindergarten! There has been so much excitement in our classroom these past two weeks- here are some highlights:


We just wrapped up our first unit in math, focusing on numbers 1-5 in depth, as well as the concept of same and different. We have been working hard to spot differences, and explain WHY something is different. We have practiced this in various forms, by comparing objects, people, and pictures. We truly understand a concept when we can explain why, and these Kindergarten friends have become experts at spotting AND explaining differences!

I love watching the students do this exercise where they sort their cubes on a 4-square chart to show 1, 2, 3, and 4 cubes in each square. After observing how some students joined their cubes laying down on the paper, some joined them standing up like a tower, and others left them separated and lined them up, we talked about how this is what it means to be a mathematician. All of us can do the problem or the task in different ways, but still arrive at the same answer! It was very cool to see and draw their attention to this representation of all of the different ways we can do a math problem.

We also worked in partners to build towers that matched, and identify why they were the same.

Finally, we worked in our math notebooks to create pictures that were different, and spot differences in pictures and explain what about those pictures made them different.

Center Rotations

In Kindergarten, we have two different types of centers- free choice play centers, and center rotations. During center rotations, we do more academic based play activities, and our last set of center rotations were all based on letters and names! We matched magnetic letters to spell our names as well as those of our friends, completed an ABC puzzle, sorted uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet and put them in order, and perhaps the favorite- made our names and those of our friends with play dough!


Computer time in the LMC is a recent highlight of our week! We have been practicing our click and drag skills with a shape sort, and even learned all of the steps to login to the activities. We will continue to build our basic technological skills with these fun activities.

Zones of Regulation

Last week, we introduced the Zones of Regulation, and began with the book, The Way I Feel. Together, we identified the emotions in the book, and learned that our emotions can be categorized into four zones: red, yellow, green, and blue. We always strive to be in the green zone, where we are feeling happy and ready to learn! We sorted the emotions we identified in the book into four zones. Our next step will be to learn how to identify which zone we are in when we leave the green zone, and ways in which we can transition back to the green zone successfully!

All About Me Weeks

Last week, we started our All About Me bag routine, where I modeled the procedure for sharing our "Me Bags" to tell about ourselves and our favorite things. Each child has their own assigned week to share their "Me Bag", and on Friday of your child's week, you are invited to be a guest reader in our class! Because my own parents live far from here, Mr. Glaser served as my guest reader and shared one of his favorite books to read to our little Glasers, The Gruffalo, complete with the silliest character voices! In the file folder you received on Curriculum Night, there is a letter about the Me Bag, and on the back of that letter is the schedule for the year. I will send you an email to confirm the week before it is your turn to read. I am excited to learn more about each of our friends in K-1!

Shlok was next, and shared a few things that are important to him! He read a Pete the Cat book to the class, and shared a lovely picture of his family. We also learned that magnatiles are his favorite toy, and he loves the color green because it reminds him of nature! We are excited to have Shlok's mom join us to read a book very soon.


It has been business as usual with our literacy routines! We continue to add a new Jolly Phonics sound to our notebooks each day, as well as a new sight word each week. Please don't forget to review the sight word cards and books in the blue book bag, as well as the new ring of Jolly Phonics cards that were added for additional Jolly Phonics practice! The yellow poetry folder is another great way to practice sight words in context, and help improve automatic recognition of those words.

Looking forward to lots of new discoveries in the coming days! Thanks for reading!

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