Friday, March 23, 2018

Classroom News

It was such a pleasure meeting with all of you at spring conferences! This group of kinders have much to be proud of! We worked right up until Spring Break- a few of our highlights are below:

We wrapped up our latest reading workshop unit on nonfiction text, and will begin learning about poetry after Spring Break. We did a few special themed literacy and math centers for St. Patrick's Day, as well as St. Patrick's Day writing about what we would do if we were leprechauns!

In math, we began our new unit, which focuses on numbers to 100. There is a heavy emphasis on place value in this unit, as well as counting by 2s and 5s in addition to counting by 10s and 1s. This unit will develop and stretch our understanding of all two digit numbers.

We began with some exercises in organizing items by 5s and 10s to make counting large groups of objects easier. We also introduced tally marks and practiced using the rhyme below to help us remember when to cross the group of tallies:

We also wrapped up our most recent science unit, Pushes & Pulls. We tested out a variety of ways to make a toy car move as we studied ways that movement is initiated. Next, we played a robot walking game and directed toy balls along a path to explore the changes in speed and direction. We also explored collisions using playground balls in gym class to integrate science and P.E.!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break! I will be eager to see everyone back at school on Tuesday, April 3rd!

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