Sunday, January 21, 2018

Classroom News

Welcome back! I was so excited to see all of my kindergarten friends and hear all about their winter break fun! We have hit the ground running in 2018, and I am looking forward to all we will accomplish together. Some of the highlights of our first two weeks back are below:

Reading Workshop

When we returned from break, we wrapped up our study of fiction books. We focused on making connections, asking questions or wondering as we read, and reading with expression. We identified text signals that help us to make our reading more exciting. 

We also read a special book, The Crayon Box That Talked, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The crayons in the story did not get along, but eventually learned that they each had unique and beautiful qualities that, when joined together, could make amazing pictures that they could not make on their own. 

Next, we switched gears to focus on nonfiction selections. In this unit, we will learn about three different types of nonfiction books- reference, literary nonfiction, and biographies. We began by introducing a chart this week that helps us to organize our learning when reading nonfiction. We worked together as a group to identify things we thought we knew about a topic before reading (the game of soccer in this case), and things we wonder about the topic. As we read, we confirmed what we knew, identified any misconceptions, and recorded new learning and questions that came to mind. 
Finally, we learned about nonfiction text features that we will encounter as we explore various nonfiction texts. Features such as the table of contents, labels, headings, captions, fun facts, and the glossary can help us easily locate important information as we read!

Guided Reading

The assessment window for our Fountas and Pinnell running record assessments is open! Hooray! This is when I read one on one with each student to determine their reading level. Both decoding and comprehension skills are taken into account when determining the best reading level for success for each child.  I have a few more students to finish up with, and once I finish those assessments, we will be able to form our guided reading groups and begin meeting regularly for small group reading instruction. I cannot wait to watch their reading flourish!

Writing Workshop

During writing workshop time, we spent time writing about what fun things we did over winter break, our goals for 2018, and more labeling practice. Labeling is still a concept that we are working to strengthen, and we are working on incorporating the things we have labeled in our picture in our sentence below. This is a wonderful example of a student who has matched her picture and labels to her sentence.


During our current math unit, our focus is on building concrete knowledge and number sense of the numbers 0-20. Through rhymes, whole group activities, and hands on work with math manipulatives, we are building a stronger understanding of one more and one less. We have worked on putting numbers in order, and determining what number is missing if there is one that is not included in the lineup. Another concept we have just introduced is the ten frame. We use ten frames to help us group numbers by fives and tens, and to make a visual representation of a number. 


In addition to our year long study on tracking the weather, we have just started our science unit on motion, called Pushes & Pulls. We learned that various forms of motion have different speeds, directions, and paths. We went on a motion walk around our school to identify everyday examples of motion in the hallways. 

The second hand on a clock moved slowly, in a circle, and smoothly.
 The string on this work in the hallway blew from side to side, slowly, when people walked past.

The custodian's arm moved side to side, up and down, and in circles as he cleaned the glass on the doors.

The birdhouse in the courtyard was swinging, side to side, when the wind blew.

Pro Kids Show Assembly

Thanks to our generous PTA, the students enjoyed a fabulous assembly where magician Tim Hannig entertained and taught them about respect, positive attitudes, and cooperation!


During LMC, we have continued our weather study by researching the winter season using PebbleGo, and recorded facts about winter clothing, winter sports, winter work, and winter food.

We also had another great coding lesson as we heard the story, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, and used the Bee Bots to put the main events of the story in the correct sequence.

All About Me Weeks

Harper shared our first Me Bag of 2018, and we learned that she loves playing soccer (and scored two goals in one game, and also earned a trophy!), dance recitals, and spending time with her family. She shared special pictures of her getting her first pedicure, going to the daddy daughter dance, her first pony ride, posing with her two little sisters, making s'mores with her Poppy, and a special framed photo of her with her mom! She also shared with us a special box she made for her birthday, and a teddy bear she won when she went bowling with her dad. We loved having Harper's mom join us to read A Bad Case of Stripes!

Next, we learned all about Neve! She shared with us a special stuffed rhino she got when she was five, a seahorse her brother gave to her, and seashells her parents brought back from the beach for her. We learned that she loves dressing up for holidays, including her festive St. Patrick's Day glasses! She also enjoys playing with dolls and My Little Pony toys, num nums, and makeup! We had a blast welcoming Neve's dad in to read the hilarious story, Creepy Pair of Underwear.

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