Monday, December 11, 2017

Classroom News

We are walking in a ginger-wonderland, just in time for the snow to begin falling! The excitement this week was the transformation of our hallway into a gingerbread house, as we began studying and comparing different versions of The Gingerbread Man. We are using what we have learned during reading workshop time to discuss and analyze these stories to determine the main character, setting, problem, and solution. The gingerbread stories also have an added element of a repeated phrase throughout the book. We have already made some fantastic comparisons and look forward to comparing all of these gingerbread stories and more!

It is so neat to hear the identification of story elements carrying over into students' conversations during independent reading time as well! 

Our centers are also tied into the gingerbread study, as we practice simple addition with gumdrops and gingerbread men, as well as the game, Gingerbread Bump. We are getting extra sight word practice in with a sight word color by number, as well as shape identification with a color by shape gingerbread house. Finally, we are enjoying listening to the book, The Gingerbread Bear at our listening center.

Writing Workshop

During writing, we recently worked on a piece where we highlighted something we did over Thanksgiving break. We practiced each step of the writing process and included a detailed picture, then stretched out the words in our labels and our message. Next, we focused on the very important, yet sometimes left out, step of labeling as we labeled a gingerbread man. Often times when I check in with our kindergarten authors, I discover that they went straight from drawing their picture to writing their message. Continued practice with labeling will make this good writing habit stick with them! We also continue to work on correct letter formation of uppercase letters during handwriting instruction.


Recently we have been focusing on composing and decomposing numbers to give us a better foundational understanding of addition and subtraction. Next we spent time ordering numbers to form a number line, which we then used to solve "one more" problems to practice "counting on" from a particular number on the number line. We also learned that using our fingers (and toes!) can be a quick and effective strategy when working with numbers. One of our favorite activities was working with partners and two different colors of cubes to find all of the combinations to make 5. (For example: 1 blue, 4 red; 2 blue, 3 red; and so on)


As we wrapped up the fall season, we took a look back at the weather we have been tracking since September. It was exciting for the kindergartners to identify patterns in the weather as we have watched the sky patterns change, windy days increase, and temperatures drop as the seasons begin to change. We also used the Nearpod app in LMC to learn about seasons!

Cardboard Challenge

Thank you so much for sending in all of the cardboard donations for our cardboard challenge! Kindergarten is taking a bit more structured approach to the challenge in order to give our youngest participants some direction as they begin to work together on such a large engineering project. The kindergarten groups will construct gingerbread houses. We started with our group planning sessions, where we made decisions about what things our gingerbread people might need in a gingerbread house, and then worked together to create a design. The next step will be the most exciting- the building of the gingerbread houses! I cannot wait to see how they do once construction is underway!


During LMC, we had a ball using the Nearpod app to learn about Digital Citizenship. We learned how the Dryden Do's carry over into technology use, and how we can be safe, be respectful, and be responsible online.

Me Bags & Guest Readers

Jason was our student of the week when we returned from Thanksgiving, and we were excited to learn that he loves building legos and playing Minecraft. He also enjoys the Smurfs, and spending time with his family. Finally, he shared a pinecone Christmas ornament that is special to him because he made it. 

Jason's mom joined us to read Trusty Tried and True about Trusty the Train, and the classic, A Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Next up was Josie, who shared (and wore!) one of her favorite accessories, a Jo Jo Bow. She also displayed a dance skirt because she takes hip hop classes, and a sweet picture of her sisters and her dog Willy. Her other favorites included the Hatchimal she received for her birthday, and a blue pencil to represent her favorite color!

Josie's mom surprised us with the cute story, One Winter's Day!

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