Sunday, September 3, 2017

Classroom News

What an exciting first week in Kindergarten it has been! We have had so much fun getting to know each other and learning all of the routines that will help our classroom run smoothly. I just love seeing them make new friends, and explore new things with old friends!

Throughout the first week, many of our activities have been linked to the lovable book character, Chester the raccoon. On the first day, we read the book, The Kissing Hand, where Chester was nervous about going to school and missing his mommy. His mom gave him a special kiss in his palm, so anytime he was missing her, he could put his hand to his cheek to remind himself that she loves him. After reading the story, we noticed a letter that Chester had left for us, which led us on a search around the school for him! We spotted raccoon tracks on the hallway walls, and followed them to find important places like the LMC, art room, music room, gym, and office. When we returned to our room, we found special heart stickers that Chester had left behind. Our special heart stickers remind us if we are ever missing someone at home, we can touch the heart to remind us that our grown ups love us!

Over the next few days, we read more Chester stories, A Pocketful of Kisses, Chester and the Big, Bad Bully, and Chester the Brave. Chester helped us learn about overcoming our fears and being a good friend. We also made our own kissing hand projects, and brought those home earlier in the week. Everyone did such a nice job following directions!

To end the week, we explored a set of Chester games, which focused on practicing matching our uppercase and lowercase letters, recognizing numbers, counting and matching numbers, and playing memory. 

Some other highlights of our week included playing with friends, both at recess and during play centers time in the classroom, as these young friends learn to navigate social interactions and gain independence!

Curriculum Night

Don't forget that this Wednesday, September 6th, is Curriculum Night at Dryden! Join us in our classroom as I go over our classroom routines and Kindergarten curriculum from 6:50-7:30 pm. 

LMC Book Checkout

Typically, we have book checkout on Mondays, but due to the Labor Day holiday tomorrow, we will be checking out books on Wednesday this week. Don't forget your library books!

Speaking of the LMC, click here to see the video Mrs. O'Kelly created to introduce our One Book, One School event!

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