Friday, March 31, 2017

Classroom News


These little leprechauns were busy leading up to Spring Break! Here are a few highlights of what we have been learning about:


During reading workshop, we have been focusing on identifying new vocabulary words as we read nonfiction text. We learned a handy saying to help us remember the steps to find meaning in the new words we discover.

We also spent time focusing on identifying the main idea of a selection, and making connections to our personal lives or prior knowledge to achieve deeper meaning! During turn and talks with our partners, we practiced using dialogue to engage our partners in meaningful discussion about our learning. We first identified facts we already knew about a topic, or new learning by saying, "Yes, I already knew that!" or "Wow! I never knew that!", then sharing the new things we've learned. Next, we practiced using statements to monitor our thinking and make any corrections to our thinking as we learn new information!

Throughout our study of nonfiction, we have spent time learning about nonfiction text features, such as bold words, labels, photographs, the glossary, and table of contents that help us understand more about the topic we are reading about.

Before break, you should have seen a letter come home about Raz-Kids. This interactive reading program is a great way to practice reading and comprehension skills at your child's reading level. It is typically a very fun and motivating way for young readers to practice!


During writing workshop time, we have been using what we have learned in our nonfiction writing unit to develop our informational writing. We have been focusing on subjects we know a great deal about, like a favorite toy, a person we know, or a favorite place. We continue to develop our narrative writing skills as we write about what we did over the weekend each week. I have been so pleased with the way these authors are stretching out words to spell phonetically, and are adding more sentences to their writing!

We also just completed a special writing piece to go along with our yearlong science unit on the weather. We have been reviewing and comparing the weather graphs we complete during calendar each day to make observations about the changes we've seen in the weather throughout the year. During LMC, we did a little research on the seasons using After our research, each student chose the season that is their favorite, along with three reasons why that season is the best. We put these ideas together to form a paragraph with multiple sentences and details. Their impressive work is currently on display in the hallway!


Unit 5 of our math curriculum has brought many fun hands on experiences. We've compared shapes, using terms like corners, sides, and angles to compare and contrast the shapes. We sorted attribute blocks by shape, size, thickness, and color.


We learned about subtraction number stories, and practiced writing our own number stories about a leprechaun and his gold coins!



Other concepts we have been learning about include two digit numbers, sequencing events, counting by fives, and using tally marks. We also explored measuring by feet, both nonstandard and standard units of measure! We traced our feet and cut them out to use them to measure, then compared those measurements to a standard foot, and quickly realized why it is important to have standard units of measure!


As always, we have had a blast in our play centers!




During LMC, we have been learning about the author Peter Brown, as we prepare for his special visit to Dryden! You can find more information about his visit here:

Me Bags & Guest Readers

Tegan's mom joined us to read the very funny book from the Book Fair, The Pigeon Needs a Bath!


McCall shared some of her favorite things, including her dog named Sunshine and her Magic 8 ball! Her mom shared with us the empowering story, The Girl With a Cape by Amy Long.


Zoe shared with us some of her favorite things, including fashion plates that she enjoys using to design outfits, and a magnifying glass because she likes science. Her parents shared with us the book, If an Elephant Went to School, and giggles ensued!


Howard completed our final me bag presentation of the year, with two fabulous nonfiction books he authored about the human body, and his hydrogel beads that he enjoys observing as they grow. We enjoyed having his mom join us to read Super Fly Guy!


I hope everyone's Spring Break is full of fun and relaxation! I look forward to seeing all of my kindergarten friends back on April 3rd!

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